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Success Story: Margaret Day

April 21, 2022

Nicholasville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Margaret Day’s Success Story!

Margaret is a 71 year old female who was admitted to our community following a lengthy hospital stay for multiple falls and overall deconditioning at home. Margaret is blind, however, she is able to care for herself independently in her home, as her husband has fully remodeled the home to meet her needs.  She was eager to participate in therapy and regain her strength and balance so she could return home to her husband. Margaret was able to participate in Occupational and Physical Therapy daily with a focus on regaining independence in walking, and activities of daily living, as she wants to remain as independent as possible. After 3 weeks of intensive therapy, Margaret was able to ambulate over 100 feet with limited assist, as well as complete her activities of daily living. She was happy to be discharged home with her husband knowing she can take care of herself. Congratulations to Margaret and her Care Team on their success!