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Success Story: Charlie Smith

December 7, 2021

Nicholasville Nursing & Rehabilitation is proud to recognize resident Charlie Smith’s Success Story!

Charlie Smith was admitted to Nicholasville Nursing on 10/04/21 after spending 30 days in the hospital in bed due to serious medical complications. He began receiving skilled occupational and physical therapy to address his deficits in overall activities of daily living. When he began therapy, he was requiring total assist with all dressing and bathing tasks as well as a Hoyer lift for all transfers out of bed. With extensive therapy for balance, activity tolerance, and strengthening of both upper and lower extremities as well as exercising on his own in his room, he was able to regain his independence! He was discharged on 11/13/21 to his home with his sister. Congratulations to Charlie and his Care Team on his success!