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National Healthy Brain Initiative

July 31, 2023

The Healthy Brain Initiative improves understanding of brain health as a central part of public health practice. The initiative creates and supports partnerships, collects and reports data, increases awareness of brain health, supports populations with a high burden of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and promotes the use of its Road Map series: State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia: The 2018–2023 Road Map, and the Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map for Indian Country. The Road Map series provides actionable steps to promote brain health, address cognitive impairment, and address the needs of caregivers. In addition, the Healthy Brain Initiative supports the development of future Road Maps.

CDC is working with funded partners to accomplish the Road Map’s recommended actions. For example, the Alzheimer’s Association helps develop and track Road Map action items, and helps state public health agencies use them. Given that one out of every three American Indian and Alaskan Native elders develops dementia, the Association for State Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) developed a series of health communication materials to improve quality, availability, and accessibility of public health resources to address the connection between brain health and heart health, Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain.

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