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Success Story: Linda Burchell

July 13, 2022

Nicholasville Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Linda Burchell’s Success Story!

Linda was admitted to Nicholasville Nursing and Rehabilitation on June 9, 2022 after being hospitalized a second time with COVID-19. She was initially very weak and unable to get out of bed, or ambulate on her own. She required extensive assist to perform basic activities of daily living. She was highly motivated to return to her home alone and worked hard every day in therapy with Occupational and Physical Therapy to address her deficits in balance, safety, activity tolerance and overall strength. Within three weeks, she was able to make significant progress and complete all daily living tasks and was able to ambulate up to 100 feet with a rolling walker! She was eager to return home and we are so proud of all of her hard work. Way to go, Linda!