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Success Story: Henry Marcum

July 6, 2022

Nicholasville Nursing and Rehabilitation is so excited to share resident Henry Marcum’s Success Story!

Mr. Marcum came to Nicholasville Nursing and Rehabilitation after sustaining a broken knee and required occupational and physical therapy to rehabilitate. He was unable to get out of bed by himself due to weakness. He was also restricted to avoiding weight bearing on his effected leg, so this really limited what he could do. He progressed from non-weight bearing to partial weight bearing, and then finally weight bearing as tolerated! He is now using a walker for standing and walking in the therapy gym. This has been a long road for Mr. Marcum, but he has worked VERY hard and is now getting ready to discharge to his apartment. Way to go, Henry! Congratulations to you and your Care Team on your success!